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About Us

Often, it’s hard to find what you need in one convenient location; with all the information you need about the equipment you need. At Jumbo Plant, we guarantee all the information to help you find everything you need to have a successful business in the future; by starting with all the right steps now.

Plant Equipment

Excavators– Some of the best rubber ducks around; these premium machines will fill all your digging needs. With their hydraulic lifts and pulley-operated lifts, heavy duty shovels, and powerful motors, you’ll be able to do anything- digging trenches, holes, foundations; or even forestry work or demolition, mining, grading, even just general landscaping; our excavators will do it all and more, and not break the bank.

Dumpers– Load up to 10 tons of whatever you need moved in our high quality dumpers. You’ll only need one trip with the power that ours have under the trunk. When you’re looking at quality dumpers, you’re looking at two main features- ones that have pivot point chassis and those that have simple skip catches (which generally have smaller payloads). You’ll find either at Jumbo Plant; and both with the work hours to prove their quality.

Skid Steer– These labour saving tools are just what you need at your work sight! With a large variety of attachments, Skid Steer are just what you need when you’re looking for extreme manoeuvrability and a compact, agile loader. Feel safe, surrounded by a sturdy cab and solid mechanical arms; and confident that your job will get done to the fullest, no matter what the task.

Backhoes– We have the best backhoes in England; especially if you’re looking for a 3CX or 4CX model. These babies will excavate pretty much anything you throw at them; being much stronger and capable than farm models you might find, with heavy duty hydraulic buckets and lifts to tear out anything that gets in it’s way. These backhoes offer specific excavation requirements like when working around important pipes or pieces of foundation or to get as close to a wall as possible, making everything as streamlined as it needs to be.

And anything else you might need for Plant Equipment or Plant Hire!