Plant Hire

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Construction companies may spend a lot of time debating about which construction tools they really need for their normal operations. The plant hire option is going to be more appealing for many different companies. While many construction companies may want to purchase their own dumpers or excavators, they may consider the advantages and disadvantages and decide to rent them instead.


The construction industry was famously hit very hard by the recent recession. While the construction industry has begun to recover more recently, the process of economic recovery can be difficult to predict. All industries are vulnerable to shifts in the economy, but the construction industry is significantly more vulnerable than others. The construction industry is partly dependent on a wide range of other vulnerable industries, such as the real estate industry. Many construction companies will also work on government infrastructure projects, and the availability of these projects can be particularly difficult to predict. As such, it is no surprise that many construction companies are keeping such a close eye on their expenses.


The plant hire process isn’t just about the equipment, of course. Purchasing a dumper, excavator, or other piece of specialized construction equipment will often eventually necessitate hiring new construction workers. While some construction workers will have the training necessary to operate a wide range of construction vehicles, some of them are much more specialized than that. Construction companies may need to hire workers that specialize in running their new excavators, which constitutes an additional expense.


Even companies that take the time to retrain their employees to run their new machines will have to invest time and money in order to do so. It often seems both more efficient and cost-effective to simply hire the necessary equipment operators for the sake of temporary work. Purchasing the equipment before and afterwards may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, especially when it is possible to hire the workers and the equipment in one transaction.


Construction companies also need to take into account the fact that when they purchase their own construction equipment, it will be their responsibility to maintain it. If they hire that same construction equipment, the original company will be maintaining it, and they will compensate financially for any related equipment problems. Even the most high-quality construction equipment can break down, and even the best construction equipment is subject to the process of wear and tear.


Construction vehicles are certainly investments, but they are somewhat tricky investments compared to the investments that are strictly financial. Most vehicles will last for a decade or less, and companies that use their excavators or dumpers frequently will probably end up replacing them relatively frequently. At that point, renting these same pieces of construction equipment will often appear to be more cost-effective. It is not surprising that many companies choose the plant hire option.

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